How to increase Battery Life of Smartphone & I Phones - Top 10 tips

How to increase Battery Life of Smartphone & I Phones – Top 10 tips

How to increase the battery life of a smartphone – In today’s era, every person’s dependence on smartphones has increased considerably. In such a situation, the importance of smartphone battery has also increased. The diminishing battery of the mobile phone puts every person in tension. Now if you want more battery life of your smartphone, then you have to take care of some special things.

Today is ours, this post is on this topic, how you can increase the battery life of your smartphone. Today in this post, we are going to tell you some special tips, with the help of which you can boost the battery life of your phone and use more battery than usual.

If you are also worried about your smartphone’s battery life running low, then by adopting some tips mentioned by us in this post today, you can increase the battery life of your phone. So let’s start friends and know about some special tips to increase the battery life of the smartphone –

Top 10 Tip increase Battery Life of Smartphone 

How to increase Battery Life of Smartphone & I Phones - Top 10 tips

Keep GPS off

People use GPS only when they travel. After reaching home or office, the device is lying on the table and GPS is of no use. Even at this time, the GPS keeps spending your phone’s battery. So if you turn off GPS in the smartphone then the battery life of your phone increases.

Set Brightness yourself

When the Adaptive Brightness mode is on, the light sensor goes on continuously, and the brightness of the display changes. Both the sensor and the screen cost a battery. You can save a lot of battery by switching off the Adaptive Brightness and setting the brightness on your own. Setting manually brightness is not a difficult task.

Keep wifi off

Our smartphone has improved performance with it. Many new features have been added to these, but in one case the smartphone has not improved even today. Battery life Now features like quick charging are coming in phones, and some companies are offering more capacity batteries. To increase the battery life of the smartphone, the option of WiFi should be turned off. When not connected to a Wi-Fi network, the phone’s Wi-Fi receiver consumes the battery.

Switch to 2G

Now people prefer high speed 4G LTE but people forget that it drains the battery of the smartphone very quickly. If you are not downloading files, you can switch the data speed to 2G or 3G. This will cost your smartphone battery less. Turn on 4G LTE mode only when you need high speed internet. When using Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., you can also operate from 2G internet only. By doing this, the battery of your smartphone does not cost much.

Explore Economic Features

Smartphones come with built in power saving apps. This help in saving battery. Sony’s phones come with Stamina mode, while stock Android also comes with power saver mode. These reduce the performance of the smartphone’s hardware, and optimize battery life.

Power saving apps

Most third party apps claim power saving, but only a few apps are able to function properly. Greenify can prove to be very useful in improving battery life. This stops all apps that are not used. In such a situation, the apps do not run out of battery while running in the background. This not only saves the battery, but also increases the speed of the device. Clean Master also comes with a task killer. It has a storage cleanup utility. You can use preferred power saving apps.

Keep phone on desk

When your device is placed in your pocket, its network receiver is blocked. In this case, it works fast and consumes a lot of battery. If you place your smartphone on the desk, you will be able to sit comfortably as well as your phone will be able to easily hold the network. This reduces the pressure on your phone’s battery.

If you are not using a phone or traveling, and you do not need a call or SMS, then you can put your phone on the aeroplane mode. This will not reduce the network much and will not put much pressure on your phone’s battery. Continuously shortening of the network causes more pressure on the battery and the battery costs more.

Sync manually

If Google’s auto sync is on on your smartphone, then your phone updates your contacts, calendar, Google apps etc. every 15 minutes. This causes the phone’s processing to load on the battery. If you want, go to your Android phone’s settings, select Google account and turn off Auto sync option for apps. You should choose the option of sync manually.

Turn off the haptic

It keeps vibrating when you do anything on a smartphone. In this way, your phone battery drains very quickly. To overcome this problem, you need a smartphone.

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